Wildfire Prevention For Forest Managers

With the peak of wildfire season still ahead of us, BC has already seen double the average number of wildfires and three times the area burned this summer. Hundreds of people have been evacuated and hundreds more are on evacuation alert. And this week, the province is preparing for another heat wave that is likely to worsen the already very hot, dry, conditions.

Silviculture Planning

Silviculture is the art and science of managing the establishment, growth, composition, health and quality of forests on a sustainable basis. When it comes to post-harvest reforestation, planning well in advance of harvest is the recommended approach.

The Wildfire Danger Rating

You’ll soon be hearing reports about the fire danger rating in your area. It typically rises from low during the cooler, wet season, to high or even extreme during the summer. But what does this rating system mean?

Preparing For Wildfire Season

As forest landowners are preparing their wildfire response strategies for the coming season, many are wondering just what kind of wildfire season we’re in for? Environment and Climate Change Canada’s online forecasting models are publicly available and useful tools for wildfire forecasting.

Forest Sector Funding: Growing Canada’s Forests Program

The PFLA shared information with its members about the Federal Government’s ‘Growing Canada’s Forests’ program in its March newsletter, but we think this is worth sharing more widely. The PFLA has been in discussion with Federal Government contacts about this program and how it can be applied on privately owned forest lands. Here are some of the ins and outs about this federal funding opportunity for tree planting on public and private forest lands across Canada.

Partner Profile: Introducing the Canadian Federation of Forest Owners

You know the Private Forest Landowners Association (PFLA) as the advocate for BC’s private forest landowners at a provincial level. Today, we’ll introduce you to the Canadian Federation of Forest Owners (CFFO), a nationally focused organization looking out for the interests of Canadian private forest landowners and woodlot owners at a Federal level.

Managing For Scotch broom

This week’s annual Invasives Forum 2021, hosted virtually by the Invasive Species Council of BC is a reminder of the opportunities to consider non-native plant species in the management of private forest lands in BC.