Private Forest Landowners Association

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Private Forest Landowners Association.

Established in 1995 as a non-profit organization, PFLA focuses on advocacy and education.


The PFLA represents managed forest owners across the province of BC—from the coast to the interior, the large to the small, the veteran forester to the novice tree farmer.


PFLA participates in the public policy process to ensure government policy is fair, environmentally sound, fiscally responsible and respectful of private property rights.


PFLA offers workshops to foster responsible and innovative forest management practices that promote the protection of key public environmental values.s


PFLA members are leaders in private forest research and innovation, pioneering many of today’s most innovative harvesting and silviculture practices.

Forest Land Contributions

Although private forest land accounts for a small percentage of the province’s land base (2%), it plays a significant role in the lives of British Columbians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Managed Forest Land?

Managed forest land is a BC Assessment property classification established in 1988 to encourage private landowners in British Columbia to manage their lands for long-term forest production.

Of the 2% of land in British Columbia that is private forest land, 51% is managed forest land, 22% is forested farmland and 27% is forested residential.
Section 31 (3) of the Council Regulation requires owners to reforest harvested areas within five years, but a recent audit report found planting is generally completed within one or two years.
The focus of private forest landowners in the Managed Forest Program is protecting key public environmental values—fish habitat, water quality, soil productivity, critical wildlife habitat and the growing of trees. Social values, such as visual quality and biodiversity are more appropriately protected on the public lands that make up over 95% of British Columbia. That said, PFLA members and other private landowners often go out of their way to manage their lands with consideration for these social values.

In total, Private Managed Forest Lands are bound by over 35 different legislative regulations, including:

  • Federal Fisheries Act
  • Forest Management Regulation
  • Water Sustainability Act
  • Fish Protection Act
  • Drinking Water Protection Act
  • Fish Protection Act
  • Private Managed Forest Land Regulation
  • Wildlife Act
  • Species at Risk Act
  • Soil Conservation Act


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