About Us


Established in 1995 as a non-profit organization, PFLA’s two focuses are advocacy and education.


As a group, B.C.’s forest owners are as diverse as the forests themselves—small family-owned properties of a few dozen hectares, to large-scale forestry operations with thousands of hectares.


Leaders in forest research and innovation, many of today’s most innovative harvesting and silviculture practices—fertilization, pruning, commercial thinning, and helicopter logging to protect sensitive soils—were pioneered on private forest land.


There are an estimated 20,000 private forest owners in British Columbia.

Leaders in forest
research & innovation

The Private Forest Landowners Association represents managed forest owners across the province of British Columbia—from the coastal to the interior, the large to the small, the veteran forester to the novice tree farmer.

PFLA members are passionate about the responsible stewardship of BC’s private forest lands and work hard to balance economic realities, community interests and environmental values.

PFLA consistently participates in the public policy process to ensure government policy is fair, environmentally sound, fiscally responsible and sufficiently respectful of private property rights.

PFLA offers regular workshops, training opportunities and communication updates to foster responsible and innovative forest management practices that encourage and promote the protection of key public environmental values on private forest lands.