Wildfire Prevention For Forest Managers

Wildfire Prevention For Forest Managers

With the peak of wildfire season still ahead of us, BC has already seen double the average number of wildfires and three times the area burned this summer. Hundreds of people have been evacuated and hundreds more are on evacuation alert. And this week, the province is preparing for another heat wave that is likely to worsen the already very hot, dry, conditions.

Forest industry operators in BC have, under the Wildfire Act and Regulation, legal obligations with respect to fire use, prevention, control and rehabilitation. This includes hazard assessment and abatement, and the performance of high risk activities. Did you know the Wildfire Act applies on both public (Crown) and private land throughout BC? Reviewing and understanding the Act and Regulation will help ensure you are in compliance. Understanding the ‘language’ of the BC Forest Service is also very helpful in planning wildfire prevention strategies. The BC Wildfire Service Wildfire Glossary is a good resource.

Here are some key wildfire prevention planning resources for forest managers:

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