UBCM and PFLA Neighbours

UBCM and PFLA Neighbours

The PFLA recently met with local and provincial government officials at its annual Reception during the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) convention. The reception was well attended by both familiar faces and new ones and offered an opportunity for the PFLA to remind elected officials of the benefits of having private managed forest owners as neighbouring landowners. This kind of outreach between the PFLA and elected officials happens regularly, and frequently as an important reminder of the many ways managed forest landowners make good neighbours.

Private managed forest landowners invest in wildfire management that can benefit neighbours by limiting the spread of wildfires. Private managed forest landowners have a vested interest in protecting their private land investments and so are motivated to ensure wildfires are prevented where possible. This investment can greatly benefit neighbouring jurisdictions as well.

Did you know that many private managed forest landowners also provide public recreational access to their forest lands? Private managed forest landowners know that the demand for recreational access is ever increasing and so, in the name of being good neighbours, will accommodate demands for access where it is safe to do so. Campgrounds, and access for hikers, hunters, fishers and atv’s are just some examples of how private managed forest landowners are good neighbours.

Interested in more information about private managed forest landowners as good neighbours? Visit the PFLA website at for its ‘Good Neighbours’ Factsheet.

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