The Drought Continues

The Drought Continues

Drought conditions continue to affect BC forests, with dry forest fuel conditions and outflow wind patterns resulting in increased wildfire behaviour on all active fires. The unseasonably hot, dry conditions, lack of rainfall and outflow winds, mean that smoke from active fires in the Lower Mainland and from Washington State are impacting air quality and visibility.

Temperatures are about five to eight degrees above normal for this time of year, and there’s been little to no rain in several parts of BC in weeks.

That said, the BC Forest Service is reporting a below-average season for area burned, due in large part to low winds this summer. While lightning-caused fires reached about twice the average in August, low winds helped wildfire crews limit the rate of spread.

And there is hope, with the first rain in several weeks expected to reach the South Coast later this week, which is expected to assist in reducing fire behaviour and further improve air quality.

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