A Private Managed Forest Land Program Primer

A Private Managed Forest Land Program Primer

A Private Managed Forest Land Program Primer

As we start another new year, it’s a good time for a reminder about what the Private Managed Forest Land Program is, and how it benefits sustainable forest management on BC’s private forest lands.

First off – what are Private Managed Forest Lands? About 5% of the provincial land base is private land and of that, the majority is located on southeastern Vancouver Island, and in the Kootenays.

In 1988, the provincial government established a BC Assessment Authority land classification known as ‘managed forest land’ (class 7) to incent private landowners to managed forest lands sustainably and for long term production. To be eligible for this classification, private lands must be a minimum of 25 hectares in size, and suitable for growing trees.

Of the total private land in BC, about 1% is Managed Forest Land (class 7) and subject to forest practices regulation.

What is the Private Managed Forest Land Program? Most managed forest is part of the Private Managed Forest Land Program under the Private Managed Forest Land Act. The program operates under the Private Managed Forest Land Act and is administered by the Private Managed Forest Land Council.

The goals of the Private Managed Forest Land Program are to:

  • encourage private landowners to manage their lands for long-term forest production, and
  • encourage sustainable forest management practices, including the protection of key public environmental values.

The regulatory requirements of the Managed Forest Program are in addition to provincial and federal environmental laws that apply to all private landowners. These laws include the Water Sustainability Act, Drinking Water Protection Act, Environmental Management Act, Wildlife Act, Wildfire Act, and federal Fisheries Act, Migratory Birds Convention Act, and Species at Risk Act.

And what is the Private Forest Landowners Association (PFLA)? While the Managed Forest Council’s role is to administer the Managed Forest Program, the PFLA The Private Forest Landowners Association represents managed forest owners throughout BC, providing advocacy for members to ensure government policy is fair, environmentally sound, fiscally responsible, and sufficiently respectful of
private property rights.

Questions about Managed Forest Land, the Managed Forest Land Program, or the Private Forest Landowners Association? Don’t hesitate to contact us:

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