A PFLA Year In Review

A PFLA Year In Review

A PFLA Year In Review

2021 has been another busy year for the PFLA. As the advocacy organization for members in the  Managed Forest Program, the PFLA’s efforts through the year are on participating in the public process to ensure government policy is fair, environmentally sound, fiscally responsible, and sufficiently respectful of private property rights.

This year, the PFLA’s focus has been on active participation in the BC Government’s Managed Forest Program Review, input into the Island Trust’s Policy Review process and other initiatives such as Coastal Douglas Fir Management , engagement with BC Assessment on land assessment, engagement with Ministry of Finance on tax policy, participation in provincial Wildlife and federal Species at Risk files, and ongoing collaboration with sister forestry organizations with goals of sustainable forestry in BC.

At the same time, we continue to focus on supporting members’ commitment to long term, sustainable forest management through the Managed Forest Program. That means bimonthly blog posts, and regular newsletters to report out advocacy and education efforts to membership and external stakeholders, and an ongoing webinar series with topics including ‘Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation’, and ‘Managing Invasive Plant Species’. (These and other PFLA webinars are available fon the PFLA website.)

While the challenges of COVID made an already active year even busier, we are looking forward to continuing to support Private Managed Forest owners throughout BC in their sustainable forest management activities, and to engage with government and other stakeholders toward the continued strength of this important program through the coming year.

We wish you well, and hope you enjoy a safe and peaceful holiday season.

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