Wildfire Forecasting Tools

So far this year, things have been much quieter when it comes to wildfires. To date, BC has seen 540 total wildfires, about half of the provincial 10-year average. That said, conditions this past week have been hot and dry and campfire bans are beginning to take effect in parts of the province. At the time of writing, campfire bans are in place across all of southern B.C., with large open fires banned throughout the province.

BC Wildfire Seasonal Forecasts

An increase in wildfire activity over recent weeks has private forest land managers prepared now for what may lie ahead this summer. But what will this summer bring for wildfires in BC?

Reducing Wildfire Risk on Your Private Managed Forest Land

As the weather is (finally!) becoming more seasonal with temperatures on the rise, private managed forest landowners are thinking about the risk of wildfire on their properties and what they can do to reduce the potential for damaging wildfire while improving overall forest health and wildlife habitat.

2022 PFLA Conference Round-up

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Crown Isle Resort in Comox June 2-3 to attend the 2022 PFLA Conference, Field Tour and AGM. Discussions were productive, we learned about the latest research and practice of private forest land management, and the weather cooperated!

Industry Profile: Meet Jean-Pierre Martel

If you’ve worked in the Canadian forest industry, you probably know Jean-Pierre Martel. And chances are, Jean-Pierre knows you, too.

2022 PFLA Conference, Field Tour & AGM

We look forward to welcoming PFLA members to Courtenay for the PFLA Conference, Field Tour and AGM on June 2-3, 2022 at Crown Isle Resort. PFLA members will find registration details in the latest PFLA Newsletter.

Final cut: Forestry facts aren’t working – what now?

This article was printed on March 31, 2022 in Canadian Forest Industries.

In 2016, Oxford dictionaries chose “post-truth” as its word of the year. Defined as, “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief,”…

The Year Ahead

The PFLA has finalized its Strategic Business Plan for 2022. The six organizational goals include advocacy for private forest landowners in BC, and enhancing relationships with First Nations and communities.

Private Forests, Public Benefits: Sustainable Forest Management That Benefits Neighbouring Communities

Private Managed Forest Land owners often go above and beyond the regulatory requirements because they have invested in the acquisition of the land, and are motivated to protect that investment.

Covid Funding Support for BC Business

While Covid-19 and related variants continue to affect BC business, a number of federal and provincial government supports are in place to help business resiliency and economic recovery.