BC Forest Professionals

B.C.’s forest owners are as diverse as the forests themselves—small family-owned properties of a few dozen hectares, to large-scale forestry operations with thousands of hectares.

Leaders in forest research and innovation, many of today’s most innovative harvesting and silviculture practices—fertilization, pruning, commercial thinning, and helicopter logging to protect sensitive soils—were pioneered on private forest land.

Recently, many PFLA members attended the 2023 ABCFP Forestry Conference. The Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP) is responsible for registering and regulating British Columbia’s professional foresters and forest technologists.

In BC, professional forestry is a regulated profession, much like lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists, and engineers. Anyone practising professional forestry is required by law to be registered with, and meet specific standards set by the Association of BC Forest Professionals. 

Did you know that effective September 30, 2022 under the Professional Governance Act, new or amended Management Commitments must be signed by a forest professional before submission to the Managed Forest Council? To learn more visit https://pfla.bc.ca/fact-sheets

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